-4000 BCE


Around 4000 BCE, Dingle’s nomadic population met Neolithic settlers from Great Britain and beyond.  With the introduction of this new culture came a transformation in food gathering, storage and preparation.  To combat dwindling herds and seasonal food shortages, Neolithic people began to cultivate crops including wheat, rye, and barley and practised animal husbandry with their newly introduced cows, goats, and sheep.

Mesolithic house
Neolithic house style

Since Neolithic man was less nomadic, larger, more permanent dwellings were constructed.  These structures were often square post and beam construction with thatched roofs and mud walls.  Instead of small family groups, larger communalities formed often comprised of extended families.

One of the most prominent reminders of the Neolithic era are the monuments.  In the southwest region of the country the

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